El Refugio Lodge

Experience the real Chilean Patagonia

Lago Espolón, Futaleufú, Chile

Take back your vacation

Nestled in the Andes mountains of southern Chile, El Refugio Lodge is a place away from the hustle and haste of daily life. There is no rat-race here. It’s the starting point for adventure--or a little peace and quiet.

Located near Futaleufú on pristine Lago Espolón.   Beautiful view, hot water, high-speed WiFi and meals included.  Access to all attractions in Futaleufú such as world-class Whitewater Rafting Kayaking, Canopy, etc.  Food is vegetarian made with organic, locally-grown produce.   Transportation to Futaleufú included if needed.

The Lodge

An exclusive destination with only 3 guest rooms. Our lodge is perched part-way up the mountainside with a spectacular view of the lake and surrounding mountains. We've done our fair share of traveling in Patagonia and know how important it is to have hot water, fast internet, and hearty meals.

The Lodge is 100% off-grid and environmentally friendly.

Make yourself at home

Each guestroom has a bed for a couple and two additional beds for a total of 4 people per room. The Red and Brown rooms have private bathrooms and the Blue Room has a semi-private bathroom. There is a dining/living room with high ceilings and a warm fire near the kitchen.

On-site activities include:  Hiking, Swimming (in summer), Boating, Horseback Riding, Kayaking, Volleyball, Alpacas, Kite-flying, etc.

Available in nearby Futaleufu are world-class white-water rafting, Kayaking, Canopy, Shopping, etc.

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Enjoy your surroundings!

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Healthy Meals

All meals are included for lodge guests! We serve delicious vegan food, using produce from our garden as much as possible.

We also have a rustic cabin available for guests who would prefer to cook for themselves.

Come and Go

You cannot drive directly to El Refugio. Park at Puerto Poleto on Lago Espolón and we will pick you up in our boat.

We'll ferry you back and forth as often as you like. We can also take you into town (Futaleufú) if needed.

Wherever you are coming from, we have detailed travel information:

FutaleufúChaitenEsquelCoihaiquePuerto MonttPunta ArenasBarilocheAtacamaSantiagoUSA

Experience Patagonia!

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The Team

We are a family who loves the Chilean Patagonia.  On our first trip to Chile, we drove the Carretera Austral in a rented pick-up in the fall when the leaves on the trees were turning red and yellow.  When we arrived in Futaleufu, our children were ages 4 and 7.  Charles went rafting on the Futaleufu river while Kristen, Caleb and Anna went horseback riding.   That night, we compared notes.  It was such a good day for everyone that we decided to repeat the experience the next day.   Again we all had a wonderful time.  Even our four-year-old couldn’t wait to get on a horse again the next day.  The third day, we all went horseback riding.   We were in love with Patagonia!

We moved to Lago Espolon in 2006.   At that time there was no cell-service in Futaleufu and all of the roads were dirt; one of the last frontiers.

We have built our remote lodge to share this experience with you!

Hope To See You Soon!

Whether you want to spend a few days on the top of our mountains, ride a horse, raft on the famous Futaleufu river, or simply relax or kayak on the lake, El Refugio Lodge is the place to start.

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